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Rehab Fitness & Wellness Program




Therapeutic Fitness is the vertical integration of healthcare services, wellness, and fitness programs to provide preventative and rehabilitative care to members, patients, athletes and the surrounding community.


What's the difference between a our facility and other gyms?


Therapeutic fitness facilities use evidence-based practices to reduce unwanted variations. In other words, all exercise programs designed by the practitioner follow techniques that are approved by medical professionals and tie perfectly with the health care system. We are the next sensible step in the continued care model,


Using a medically safeguarded therapeutic fitness facility will ensure a great and challenging workout while having a network security of medical professionals such as doctors, dieticians, and therapists to refer to if needed. This algorithm keeps us up to date in the health care industry, and better assures that the prescribed exercises tie in seamlessly to the recommendations given by the health care professional.


You will acheive your fitness goals with our proven and accurate exercise guidelines. There is a lot of misleading information out there that can create a great deal of confusion, wait of money, and potential injury. If you’re looking for the correct information and the right care, look no further. For many, we are the first choice because of our high standards and qualifications.


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