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About Us

Bardia Shemirani, MS, CES, NASE-CSS




As a clinician and researcher. Bardia Shemirani is an expert speaker on Pain Management, Rehabilitation Treatment Options, and Injury Prevention through Corrective Habitual Movement. Bardia noticed a void in effective treatment programs for specific-population while working in the Physical Therapy field for the past nine years. He found a solution using his specialized education, experience, and research. He called it, De Motu | Mobile Therapy.







Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Master of Science in Human Health Performance

          -Clinical Exercise Physiology (CEP)

Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences 


Credentials and Certifications:

National Association of Speed and Explosion Certification (NASE)

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation (ATRIC)

Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist (RES)

USA Olympic Weightlifting Performance (USAW)

CrossFit Level-1 Trainer (CFL-1)


                                                    Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to help our clients/patients/athletes think and move differently, correctly, fix and prevent injuries all while making the process fun and easy to understand.


Around 330 B.C, Aristotle wrote "De Motu Animalium" in an attempt to lay the groundwork for examining animal movement, and thus gave birth to 2500 years of biomechanics. De Motu means "the principles of motion/movement." Our vision is to use movement principles to heal and advance the human experience through corrective movement.

 How are we different? 


Our clinical practice is based on observing patients doing what they do in the real world: while driving, working from home or office, cooking, exercising, making a call, child care, and morning hygiene rituals.


This allows us to find key "reinforcing factors" to mobility and functional abnormalities or chronic limitations. Once we identify key factors, we educate our patients, and implement evidence-based therapeutic exercises and applied manual or non-manual modalities (if required) to fix the problem from the root.


While simultaneously incorporating designed motor-skill-exercises, we apply corrective functional-repetitive-movements to change poor mechanic and physical habits. We strive to help patients examine the relationships between thoughts, feelings and movement behaviors associated to pain.  Through this approach, we bridge the gap between cognitive restructuring and the human movement system.



De Motu | Mobility Therapy is not just a clinic for people with pain, but also a state of the art sports performance facility.

We are Houston's elite movement experts: We are the only easy-access clinic in Houston to offer 3D movement analytics to the general public. Using advanced 3D motion-capture and postural-analysis technologies to identify movement impairments in active people who want to remain active - runners, Olympic weightlifters, fitness patrons, and CrossFit atheltes. We are your one stop shop for injury rehabilitation, prevention and performance optimization.


De Motu | Mobility Therapy has developed a unique vertical integrating system, and thus receives and refers to other healthcare practitioners such as Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. With our interdisciplinary approach to rehabilitation, our efforts lead to better and more effective results. With neuromuscular adaptation, corrective movement becomes an innate part of your daily active lifestyle. 


Finally, Understanding our clinic is simple. We proudly distinguish ourselves apart from physical therapy, occupational therapy, and chiropractic facilities. De Motu is a mobility and preventive rehabilitation practice that utilizes the principles of cognitive behavioral training to deliver the most effective treatments for movement based musculoskeletal related impairments. 



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