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Online Movement Assessment

$75 Assessment only

$100 Assessment + one-on-one session


At De Motu we are all about taking things to the next level whether that is with performance, health, technology, or mobility. You live in another state? Live too far outside Houston to deal with traffic? Let us at De Motu Mobility Therapy make it easier to get started on your path to better performance, health, and mobility.


We offer remote assessments that will give you a general idea of where your impairments and compensations are occuring. Once you have an idea of the areas that you need to work on we can then deliver treatment plans via email and supervise the necessary corrective movements to ensure you are implementing your program with the highest efficiency to achieve the best results.


To get the process started click the link to the right and send us the information we need to get you started on your path to better performance and mobility. Think and Move Differently starting today and join our De Motu Family.

How does it work?

1) Send us an email with a brief history of your current condition.

2) Send us your video (we'll provide in-depth How-To instructions based on the movement in question)

3) We'll do what we do best, highligh your movement/mobility and motor control deficits, and customize your program.

4) Recieve your complete movement impairment profile and a strategically designed mobility program tailored just you. 

5) Schedule your one-on-one online video session to go over the progam and Q&A

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