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Introducing CrossTherapy, a solution to CrossFit, fitness and sports related injuries. Jenn Jones, as a patient and nurse herself, understands the health aspect of CrossFit and the corrective movement required for better health and performance. Our clinic is dedicated to research, we use our superior expertise and surround camera motion capture to analyze the movements in CrossFit, especially the squat sequence. To help prevent injury, we need to simplify and apply an understanding of how to squat.






Therapy Of The Day (TOD)

Intro to Self-Myofascial-Release (S-MFR) @ Home

Why this way and not that...My recommendations

(S-MFR) Part 1 - Releasing Tensor Fasciae Latae

(S-MFR) Part 3 - Releasing the Psoas 

(S-MFR) Part 2 - Releasing Anterior/Posterior Tibialis

(S-MFR) Part 4 - Releasing the Hamsting Muscle Group

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