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We are a quality-care-practice that is currently Out-of-Network with all insurance companies 


But don't worry...We offer reasonable cash rates!


We work to hard to ensure you always get more than what you pay for!









Whether you find yourself without insurance, seeking better quality service, have limited provider options within your network, or have been denied coverage by your insurance provider, we are happy to accept patients/clients/athletes who will be paying directly for their care.


We offer discounted fees for self-paying patients/clients/athletes who pay in full for their services at the time of their appointment. Our discounted self-pay prices are comparable to the discounted rates that most PPO insurance plans have negotiated.









Dozens of people go through therapy or medical fitness programs with very little supervision from an expert or the actual qualified Provider. As a result, most clinics often work in ways that are ineffective at best and dangerous at worst. Most facilities lack quality and effective patient care.


The truth is, depending on the general 'diagnosis' you will receive a protocol outline that does not take your personal limitations, medical history, or lack of abilities into consideration. For example, anyone with any type of lower extremity injury usually follows the same protocol.


Simply put, most privet practices do not have the time or resources to be innovative with rehabilitative programming. Insurance and Medicare regulations place heavy restrictions and force practitioners to use basic but compensable techniques. Insurance companies approve or deny claims based on statistical data, which expresses “medical necessity." In most cases, if the programs are not legitimately and effectively designed, injured patients will require additional visits but are denied.


At De Motu | Mobility Therapy, we ensure everyone the highest quality service, and I guarantee personal care. We believe in meeting your expectations, both verbally and on paper. The fact is we cannot help everyone, and if that is the case, we will refer you the person(s) that will meet your individual needs.




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