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De Motu | Mobility Therapy  
is a preventive sports rehab practice that applies evidence-based solutions to improve movements and habitual behaviors that lead to injury. As the perfect ladder for Physical Therapy or Chiropractic, we aim to improve musculoskeletal limitations that impair the Human Movement System and maintain progress. 
Re-Habit™ Method is our unique and innovative approach to optimal mobility, prehab/pos-rehab, health, and wellness.
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Athletes of all ages and sport come together to be a part of the De Motu family. Join our team and see how you can think and move differently today.

Scope of Practice



As a preventive solution, we assess and treat abnormal cognimotor behaviors that may lead to injury, chronic pain, relapse, mobility, and musculoskeletal abnormalities through integrated interdisciplinary rehab interventions. We cognitively integrate behavioral training to mobility, movement analytics, and prehab/rehab practices. 

Mechanical and muscular limitations could be preventing you from reaching your health and exercise goals. Let the experts at De Motu help you reach those goals today.
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    720 W. Alabama St. 

    Houston, TX 77006



    8716 Long Point Rd. #210

    Houston, TX 77055





Phone: 281.974.4433 (Office-line)

Phone: 713.445.6932 (Text-line)

Fax: 832.667.8224


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